×Due to the rising costs of VPS hosting, Fedsoft is in the process of transitioning to a self-hosted environment. Please be patient as we get things situated - our instances will be back up in time.

Fedsoft - A Privacy-Based Service Provider

An extension like Privacy Redirect or LibRedirect can be used to redirect requests to Fedsoft's provided alternatives:

Service Description Source Code
Searx a privacy-respecting, hackable metasearch engine Github
Invidious an alternative YouTube front-end Github
Nitter an alternative Twitter front-end Github
Privatebin encrypted text storage Github
teddit an alternative Reddit front-end Codeberg
hat.sh simple, fast, secure client-side file encryption Github
wikiless an alternative Wikipedia front-end Codeberg
rimgo an alternative Imgur front-end Codeberg
gtranslate an alternative Google Translate front-end Sourcehut
XMPP Server (private) an open communication protocol designed for instant messaging Official Website*
*Prosody server; see here for others

Tor mirrors for select services to be added soon. This site is a heavy work-in-progress.

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